UV Cooler Reviews – Best Portable Air Conditioners to Buy in 2020

UV Cooler Review 2020

Temperatures have been rising globally and it is becoming nearly impossible to survive without a good air conditioning device that is not only effective but also affordable. Most traditional cooling systems are not only too costly in terms of price but also result in large electric bills. Moreover, they are not easy to set up and take up a large space.

When summers arrive, people start worrying about the increased electric bills and the high maintenance cost of their traditional cooling systems. They either suffer in hot temperatures or throw their hard-earned money into bills so that they can sleep in peace on hot summer nights. Moreover, even those who can afford high bills have to suffer because of constant electric shortages and power fluctuations.

In order to provide a solution to this prevailing problem, some technical experts have created a unique portable device that is affordable as well as cost-effective. This device named UV Cooler is an ideal choice in terms of effectiveness, reliability as well as affordability. It is a perfect alternative to all old devices.

This unique, personal, and compact air conditioning device is introduced in the market at affordable prices and is gaining popularity across the world. It is winning the hearts of everyone by helping them survive the hot summer days without worrying about high electric bills.

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UV Cooler Review:

UV cooler has an innovative design that is built by experts to ensure that people can get the best possible cooling in their surroundings. It is much more affordable and yet better than the traditional systems. Other than providing cooling down the room temperature, this tiny device is also capable of cleaning the air and regulating humidity levels.

What makes this device even better is that people no need professional support to manage this device. It is easy to handle and can be used even by children. Its compact design and light weight make it portable so that people can carry it with them wherever they like. It just needs to be plugged into any standard electrical outlet or even a USB port that provides minimal power needed.

The traditional cooling systems are heavy and fixed in one place and hence most people are able to afford it in just one or two rooms. However, this device makes it possible to keep this device in different places at different times. People can keep it in their bedroom while sleeping, in the kitchen while cooking and in the guest room when they have guests over.

It is ideal for schools and offices. Moreover, people can connect it to their cars as well and carry it while traveling because car’s cooling systems often do not provide enough cooling on hot days. All people need to do is put cold water inside it and turn it on to enjoy cool and refreshing air for the next twelve hours at least. It starts working instantly and without any hassle.

It is named UV cooler because it comes with an ultraviolet light sterilizer which helps cool the surroundings as well as purify the air from any bacteria that might be present in the room. It is odorless and does not produce any irritating sounds either. Moreover, it is health and environment friendly and does not release any harmful chemicals into the air-neither inside the room, nor outside.

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As mentioned earlier, the device can also be plugged into a USB port and kept anywhere people wish. It provides cooling in at least 40 meters of its surrounding. It is so light that people can even keep it in their large travel bags and carry it with them. Moreover, it has a great long-lasting battery that continues to work for hours after being charged completely. It can work for at least 12 hours straight without any rest.

In terms of the body, its body is small yet strong and leak proof. It is built with a modern design which makes it easy to not only carry but also clean whenever the need arises. It contains removable filters that absorb any dust in the air and then later these filters can be washed easily.

The device also comes with different colored lights that allow people to illuminate their room in different colors whenever they need it. These lights are soothing and ideal for night times when people are asleep.

UV Cooler Benefits

  • Compact design and lightweight which makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • Cheaper than traditional cooling systems
  • Does not require too much electric power and does not add to the electric bills
  • Does not need any professional maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Capable of working 12 hours straight
  • Only requires cold water and minimal electric input
  • Does not release any odor or harmful chemicals
  • Does not make any noise even at the high speeds
  • Purifies air from dust and germs
  • Comes with different lights

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UV Cooler Pricing

Despite having so many features, the device is available at very affordable prices. The company is also offering different packages and discount deals for those who buy in bulk. While the current price of 1 UV Cooler is $89.95, people can avail further discounts if they buy more. Those who buy two can get their 2 devices for $79.98 each. Similarly, those who buy three devices will have to pay just $66.65 per device. People can also buy extra filters with the device.

Other than that, people have the option of whether they want a one-year warranty or two years warranty. The price of a one-year warranty is $5.952 while the price of two years warranty is $9.95. Once people buy one of these packages, they can return the device or get it exchanged if anything goes wrong during the agreed time period.

Final Verdict on UV Cooler Reviews

UV Cooler is an ideal choice for all those people who are living in hot regions where electricity is expensive. They can carry this device with them wherever they like, and every family member can have their own device so that they can enjoy the cool air without having to compromise on their privacy. This device is one of its kind and yet available at very affordable prices.

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