The Lost Book of Remedies Review – A Must Read Before Buying

the lost book of remedies reviews

The Lost Book of Remedies gives thorough knowledge about plants and herbs that have medicinal significance. There is a huge list of plants that used in treatment of many diseases in past.

Plants are still there that could cure many disease in fact there are some plants that can even cure viral diseases and infections.

The Lost Book of Remedies helps in finding the plants and not only this; it is available with pictures and other details. With those details can easily get to the right plant. In some cases find look alike plants but not having that medical significance, but using this book helps differentiate the right plant.

It is rich with those little things that helps to get to the right plants, all the details are in such depth even people with zero knowledge about plants, can potentially use this book to get the right plant.

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Remedies with Plants

Hundred of healing plants are there, that is why in this book the plants are classified by location and type. There are clear directions that ease the finding of remedies by using powerful plant medicines.

Helps find the powerful anti-inflammatory plants would probably heal up wound much faster. Also give information how the leaves are used to dress us wounds or cuts. For those who are suffering from arthritis, an auto-immune disorder plant can be used for immediate relief of pain.

May be Marshmallow plant found in backyard but not having knowledge about that, but there are anti-viral properties found in its roots. For any kind of viral infection like flu, Hepatitis A, B or C and herpes. These roots can be used to inhibit the growth of virus and strengthen the immunity to fight back with the disease.

Best Remedies for Lung Issues And Asthma

Senega is another weed that could be observe in the back yard of house but never understood the use of it. Senega had been used in 18th century for the treatment of dreadful snake bites.

When the Scottish doctors found that rattlesnakes bites shows resemblance with lung disease and advance stage pneumonia. He used senega as a treatment and satisfied with its efficacy. After finding Senega plant exported to Europe to save lives.

It also been converted into expectorant that helps to expel mucus and clean the lungs. For any kind of lung problems and disorders don’t need to rush for buying expensive medicines, it is the best remedy for healthy lungs.

The Lost Book of Remedies discloses many ways of using this plant for lungs infection including pneumonia. For common cold, flu and breathing problem this is the best solution.

Asthma attack could also be calm by inhaling the steam obtained by boiling of leaves in water, this is the reason why people don’t die because of asthma in past.

Those sticky burns that attached to clothes while walking through woodland, don’t think them useless in fact chew them as those annoying weed used as a sweetener 200 years ago by Americans.

But people not knew that the plant is having powerful diuretic properties, in fact it is recommendable for healthy blood circulation. Because of bad circulation there is a tingling or numbness sensation in limbs. To overcome this issue these weeds are highly recommendable.

There are some plants spread all over like Boneset. They are greatly helpful to reduce fever because of powerful Antipyretic effects. The name Boneset actually has been derived from the plant that used to treat breakbone fever.

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The Lost Book of Remedies and wound dressing

Cowboy’s Toilet paper is another widespread weed. The plant having very soft leaves and it is the best poultice that heals up wounds much faster than the modern bandages.

Woolly Lamb’s Ear is another weed that is used as a poultice that stops bleeding within no time.

The reason behind the stopping of blood is Vitamin K, the vitamin that helps in the coagulation of blood. This vitamin is a powerful remedy that used to pour over the wounds of soldiers in WWII, if they got shot. For the diabetic patients or those having coagulation problem should keep this plant for frontier poultice to heal up the wound and stop bleeding.

Nearby water there are Cattails, it must be known that cattails are edible. But the jelly like liquid found between the leaves is something very useful never knew. It is used for severe skin infections. In fact it can easily heals up large skin abscesses within days. Not only this the gel is best remedy for foot and nail fungus.

Toothache remedies in The lost book of Remedies

It is also having numbing effect on moist tissues, for toothache pain just used the cattail ooze around the gums and rub the pain would gone in no time.

There are so many more remedies found in The Lost Book of Remedies, that helps heal up wounds, pain and asthma issues. As well as there are plants that can be used as disinfectants.

There are thousands of plants one can find in this book and the way can convert or used these plants into powerful cures or treatments.

In the past all the medicines used to prepare from the plants and a time come when companies started making their chemical and synthetic versions. But by using this book can get the forgotten wisdom and knowledge back in life.

In free time go through this miraculous book that add up knowledge of plants and their cures that never known, and start using plants at backyard for medicinal use.

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the lost book of remedies hardcover

Final Verdict

This book is going to be the fabulous addition on book shelf. The knowledge of plants with treatment that never known is great. With this book can explore many remedies and powerful treatments even from plants in surroundings that found sometime as useless or added in garden or backyard for beauty. The Lost Book of Remedies get the reader enter into new world of plants, that helps exploring the types of plants, how to distinguish between similar plants and also how and what part should be used for the purpose of treatment. This is a miraculous book offered with 60 days money back guarantee. But surely will love the addition of this book would not let the buyer regret.

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